Advice on Creating Great Sales Scripts with CEO Cole Gordon

    Cole Gordon, CEO of, is constantly asked about the best sales scripts. From being questioned about which sales guru’s scripts to follow to queries about how to write their own high-closing rate scripts, salespeople around the country never get tired of talking about scripts.

    Of course, they don’t.

    Scripts help them to make a lot of money.

    “The truth is that almost all sales scripts work, and they work for the fundamentally same reason. They have the same underlying mechanics,” said Gordon.

    His company has projected sales of over $30 million this year, and more than 10,000 salespeople are currently using his lessons, drawing comparisons between Gordon and sales superstars such as Grant Cardone, and his reputation is only growing.

    He founded to cater to entrepreneurs who dream of building unstoppable internal sales teams with valuable skills that run themselves. The founder has consulted with over 1,000 sales teams and has more than a half-million Instagram followers. Sales pros around the country watch his reels to pick up tips on closing, scripting, handling objections, and more.

    Helping Newbies to Pros

    Gordon prides himself on creating content that serves both newly minted sales reps trying to close their first deal and seasoned industry veterans looking for hacks to tweak their income and take it to the next level.

    However, the sales wunderkind was not always on the track to success. Before making it big, Gordon was a bartender. Through willpower, he battled his way to success as a closer, and eventually became a business owner.

    After becoming an eight-figure earning salesperson, he realized that he wanted to share what he had learned and founded, a place to teach his sales secrets to anyone who wants to learn.

    “The easiest way to encapsulate why we started the company is because I was a high-performing sales rep but left to get into sales coaching and training. I was always asked, ‘Where do you find good sales reps?’ At the end of the day, good salespeople know other good salespeople — which is really the key to recruiting good salespeople. Leverage them, their network, and find referrals. We started that business purely from that demand,” Cole explained.

    Questions about sales scripts are still among the most common topics he encounters. Below are his thoughts on which scripts to use, how, and why.

    Beliefs and Sales Scripts

    From Gordon’s research, he has found seven beliefs (with related limiting beliefs) that every prospect needs to have to buy from you. The most skilled salespeople he’s seen break each of these down during the pitch by asking the right questions.

    Using this technique, the prospect will have already discarded each objection that keeps them from buying before the salesperson even transitions to the closing.

    “So, instead of hard-closing the prospect or doing some jiu-jitsu, the prospect will essentially close themselves — and they will do it thinking you’re a leader, not a salesperson.”

    Objectionless Closing

    “If you can break down, through your questions, the prospect’s limiting beliefs and reinstall the empowering beliefs that make them move forward before you transition to the close, you’ll be setting yourself up for an objectionless close,” explained Gordon.

    This is the rare holy grail in the sales world where a prospect, after hearing your pitch, simply signs on the dotted line.

    “If you’ve ever been on a sales call that feels effortless, like a downhill ride, and the prospect is asking how to move forward, it’s because they held seven certain beliefs. If they raised serious objections, they didn’t have the seven beliefs, and you didn’t convince them,” said Gordon.

    The Seven Beliefs

    Gordon has identified the seven beliefs that all prospects need to have in order to confidently buy what you’re selling.

    He calls pain the first belief, and breaks it down by calling it the gap between where they are and where they want to be. The second is doubt; or their inability to fix the problem on their own. The third is cost; and believing that not using your solution will cost them more time and money than using it.

    The fourth belief is desire; they have to want to try what you’re selling. The fifth is money; and whether or not they have the resources to consent. The sixth is support; and whether they need your support to get their spouse, business partner, or team on board. The final belief is trust; they need to believe in your solution and think it is superior to others on the market.

    According to Gordon, if you use a script designed to confirm these beliefs and quiet objections before losing, you will likely come out of your call as a success.

    Gordon provides information like this and much more through, an integrated solution for entrepreneurs looking to build internal sales teams that run themselves.

    About Cole Gordon

    Cole Gordon is the CEO of, the leading sales and marketing education and training company that fulfills companies’ needs for talented sales teams. Gordon is an 8-figure entrepreneur, investor, and sales trainer who has sold over $10 million worth of online coaching, consulting, and agency services. For more information about Gordon, please visit and for more about, visit

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