JC White Offers T3 Body’s 4 Core Factors to Optimize Your Lifestyle

    The founder of T3 Body, CEO JC White, knows how to develop a physique to be proud of, but also the mentality and know-how to maintain said physique and overall health. In fact, he guides his clients, consisting of powerhouse entrepreneurs and high-performing business professionals and helps them develop an optimal lifestyle, professionally, physically and mentally.

    T3 Body is a science-backed, client-focused and tailored business that educates and inspires clients to deliver results for entrepreneurs who are seeking to work toward developing a shredded physique, and feel more energized and confident.

    The company practices a revolutionary and signature approach to developing tailored programs for clients, based on three pillars: bloodwork, biomechanics and biofeedback. Its methods are not only innovating the industry, but modernizing it. All the while, people are getting into the best shapes of their lives.

    JC is a Men’s Fitness cover athlete and former World Bodybuilding Federation (WBBF) competitor. He remains highly motivated and dedicated to helping clients deliver results through his methods and build themselves up, both professionally and personally.

    “When you work with us, I guarantee results, granted that you put in at least 80-percent of what I ask of you,” JC said. “As a rule of thumb, it generally takes about three months before you will see any real, meaningful and positive changes in your body. We will get you in the best shape of your life, mentally and physically, while also helping you find clarity in what you hope to achieve going forward.”

    Below are his four factors that hinge on performing well and recovering after workouts.


    What goes in is equally important and nothing could be more apparent than when it comes to your nutrition. Feeding your body the essentials is vital to building the physique you have always wanted. In fact, one might say it is more important to watch what you eat rather than spending hours at the gym or putting in exhaustive circuit training sessions.

    At T3 Body, the bloodwork pillar is of vital importance as it reveals to the clients what nutrition track they should follow, as well as what supplements to take, all contributing to getting shredded as efficiently as possible.

    Maintaining a proper nutrition regimen, opting for caloric intake that is based on quality and not quantity, in most cases, is key to optimizing one’s body. It is a proven fact that healthy eating habits equate to patterns of longer living and lower risks of developing health issues, such as Type-2 Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even death.


    Drinking water each day is crucial to one’s life and performance. It keeps joints lubricated, regulates body temperature, delivers nutrients to cells, keeps organs working properly and prevents infections.

    Additionally, staying hydrated can help with cognition, mood and sleep quality.

    “This varies from person to person, but it usually comes down to consuming more water on the days you workout versus your rest days,” he said. “It is typically suggested to drink roughly half a gallon on days off, but consuming at least one ounce of water per half one’s body weight has proven successful in keeping them hydrated and healthy.”


    Whether you read that it should be 6-8 or 7-9 hours each night in recommendations for sleep, we can all certainly agree that the practice is beyond important for not just recovery, but overall health. In fact, the most-effective way to recharge and recover after exercise is sleep.

    While the quantity of sleep remains important it is also equally important to get quality rest. Especially for entrepreneurs. Great sleep equates to stress recovery and helps them make better decisions. Afterall, according to JC, ‘Growth and success of one’s company is based upon the decisions the leaders make’.

    At T3 Body, the company offers some clients WHOOP bands, which serves as two-in-one tracking device that generates helpful data across both fitness and sleep regimens. The ultimate goal is to garner overall recovery calculations. WHOOP defines this by how well-prepared one is for activities over the course of the day, including exercise, heart rate and last night’s sleep.

    Getting enough sleep each night improves physical performance and improves emotional and mental capabilities as well.


    Any kind of change in mood regarding physical, psychological or emotional strain can be defined as stress. It’s our body’s response to anything that requires action. We all experience it in some shape or form, some more than others, but the way we respond to it can determine our overall wellbeing and health. It can also dictate whether we recover properly after exercise.

    “Being stressed plays a major role in the body,” he said “If stress levels are elevated, the hormone, cortisol, is released and it actually slows fat loss or can even stop it altogether.”

    Learning how to cope with stress comes down to both mental and physical efforts. But, to put it simply, one must get moving to deal with stress. Exercise is essentially a natural act for relief in stress and can boost our moods, through endorphins, thus distracting us from our worries.

    “These four factors all depend on how quickly you optimize your lifestyle in order to get the biggest return on your time in the gym,” JC said. “Like I have said previously, focusing on the four factors — nutrition, sleep, hydration and stress — are going to dictate how quickly you are able to reach your goals.”

    About JC White

    JC White is the Founder & CEO of T3 Body, an online, science-backed fitness coaching and consulting company to help entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves. The former professional bodybuilder is a two-time Powerlifting California State Championship participant, and award-winning Men’s Fitness cover athlete. For more information about how he helps clients develop tailored and personalized lifestyle programs, please visit www.t3bodytraining.com

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