How A Woman Can Be A Leader in a Male Dominated Industry

    Being a leader can be difficult even at the best of times, this is especially the case for female leaders in a male dominated industry. There seems to be a lot more aspects and obstacles to overcome for a female to become a leader. Like it or not, there are still a lot of workplaces around the world that have the “boys club” mentality, so it can be difficult for women to break through.

    There are quite a few industries that seem to be particularly male dominated. If you, as a female, find yourself in one of those industries your rise to a leadership role is probably going to be a little bit harder. But it’s the challenge that makes the victory even sweeter! The good news is that these days there is a lot of advice from those who have done it before and they can help you get to where you want to go.

    So, have a read on below at some great tips and suggestions on how a woman can be a leader in a male dominated industry:

    Don’t Take Offence

    Women in general tend to take things that were said, or actions, to heart and dwell on it. If you are working in a male dominated industry and workplace then you need to ensure that you don’t get offended too easily. On the other side of the coin you need to also speak up if something is genuinely offensive and the behavior is wrong. But if it is something minor, maybe just let that one slide.

    Know Your Strengths

    It is important you know what you are good at and always work that angle. If you are one of the few women in the office then you may have a different perspective to offer. Also these days, businesses are trying to be more inclusive and diversify with their hiring, so you would be able to offer more insights into how this could work more effectively.

    Don’t Get People’s Lunch or Coffee

    Unless you are someone’s assistant, then you probably shouldn’t be getting anyone’s lunch or coffee, except for yourself. It is not in your job description to feed and water other employees, you are the same as everyone else. Of course if there is a group going out to grab lunch or pick up a coffee go with them, but if you aren’t an assistant, then it’s not your job.

    Bonding Time

    It is important to build connections in your workforce this is one of the ways you will get more opportunities. This means that you should try to get to know the others on a more personal level. Try not to shut down going out with the group for a drink after work, as this tends to be where most of the bonding will take place. But remember, if you are going to drink alcohol, do not go overboard, being drunk around work colleagues is not a good look.

    Be Vocal

    Men tend to be more vocal females, so if you are one of the only women in the office you may find that your voice gets lost in the crowd. Therefore you need to make a real effort to speak up and share with everyone the good work you have done. If you have done a good job, it is important that you get noticed for it, and make sure that no one else tries to take the credit for what you have done. It doesn’t take that much to be noticed but it is important that you do point it out.

    Jeannie Contreras
    Jeannie Contreras
    Jeannie Contreras’s work as a corporate author specializing in business management, has earned her awards for outstanding projects, as well as being named as the best guide to international leadership of the past 10 years. She is a highly regarded consultant in the topic.

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