Characteristics To Take From Elon Musk

    Elon Musk is a very wealthy man indeed, and he is a true entrepreneur, with his hand in a lot of different projects. Two of his more well known works include that he is the founder and CEO of SpaceX and the co-founder and CEO of Tesla. Elon Musk has changed the way customers think about travel and he has a net worth in the billions.

    Now, Elon Musk didn’t get to where he is with just luck, there are certain characteristics that he has that certainly helped him. Every business owner and entrepreneur is different and will have varying ways of going about what they do, but if you are going to take away some key points, you may as well from one of the best.

    Have a read on below at some of the characteristics you should take away from Elon Musk, not only if you want to be an entrepreneur, but also if you just want to be more successful in your life:


    If feedback is done in the proper and constructive way it can actually be really beneficial for your growth. Feedback shouldn’t just come from managers down, but should be a more 360 degrees approach. Most of the time you also tend to be your harshest critic, so make sure you give yourself realistic and encouraging feedback as well.

    Standing Out

    If you are just going to go with the flow you will turn out like the masses do. The ability to stand out from the crowd is what will give you your edge and hopefully make you more successful in the long run. Elon Musk is certainly someone who stands out, he is making a difference in the world by trying to create something that no one has seen or done before.

    Hard Working

    Now, everyone has their own definition of hard work, but it is said that Elon Musk works about 100 hours a week. When you compare that to the normal 40 hour per week average Americans work, that is certainly a massive step up. If you are going to start your own business, you are going to have to put in a lot of your blood, sweat and tears, just to get it off the ground.

    Never Stop Learning

    You are never going to know everything, which is why it is important to have the attitude that you don’t stop learning as soon as you leave school or college. Elon Musk actually taught himself how to program and is highly skilled in a number of different areas, he has that true thirst for knowledge and always wants to know the answer.

    Calculated Risk

    Being an entrepreneur is all about taking a calculated risk, if you aren’t a big risk taker, then starting your own business may not be for you, many small businesses fail within the first couple of years. Elon Musk doesn’t mind taking a few risks; he was completing his PhD at Stanford when he left to start a company with his brother.

    Faith in Yourself and the People Around You

    If you are starting to build a team around you, then you need to have faith in them that they will be able to deliver for you. As a growing business, you are trusting other people with your “baby”, so it is important that you find the right people and you can trust that they will do a good job. Elon Musk also certainly has belief in himself and if he thinks something is a good idea, he will usually go with it.

    Melinda Luce
    Melinda Luce
    Melinda Luce is accredited website author of various business-related sites which have won various awards for finance and market information provisions and support to the industry. She also is a recognized philanthropist, boasting leadership of numerous charities to do with world hunger and poverty.

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