Homeware Places To Buy From To Make Your House a Home

    If you are moving into a new place or looking to redecorate, then there is certainly a need to make your house a home. Now, there are a lot of different things that can help turn your house into a home, but one of them is having the right homewares included. This little and often final touch will make your home feel more comfortable and inviting.

    There are a lot of different homeware brands out there and if you really want to give your place that extra personal touch, then you are probably better off steering clear of the generic brands that mass produce items to sell all over the country. If you are looking for something with more individuality to give your place that extra edge, then you have come to the right place.

    There is a huge range of homeware companies that you can purchase from, so no matter what theme you have in mind, you’ll be able to find something amazing. Have a read on below to find out more information about homeware places that are perfect to purchase items from to truly make your house a home:


    If you are looking for something at little bit out of the ordinary, then you simply cannot go past L’Objet. The homeware items from L’Objet are of the highest of quality and it comes packaged so beautifully that you won’t want to take it out of the wrapping. This brand was founded back in 2004 by interior designer Elad Yifrach and he managed to sell his first collection of items to Bergdorf Goodmans.

    Anna New York

    You should certainly be having a look at what his brand has to offer if you are a lover of organic minerals such as agate, as these types of minerals feature very heavily in these collections. Anna New York’s collections are all very different and no two pieces are alike, so if you are looking for something truly unique, you have come to the right place. A lot of the collections all run off the thinking that there is perfection in the imperfection.

    Kelly Wearstler

    Sometimes less is more, and if this is something you are looking for to make your house a home, make sure you take a look at what the brand Kelly Wearstler has to offer. Each piece is made with love and there is so much to choose from that you are certain to find something that would suit well in whatever type of place you are trying to create. She has even dabbled in light fittings, so make sure you check them out as well.


    The founder of Aerin is none other than Aerin Lauder, who just happens to be the granddaughter of Estee Lauder. In that family success and brilliance just runs through their veins, with Aerin founded in 2012, it has become a great success and a lot of people are interested in purchasing the amazing homeware creations for their homes. She likes to play with more pastel colors and the quality of the designs is impeccable.

    Michael Aram

    Based in New York Michael Aram’s brand has influences from India, as this is where he worked and lived for almost 30 years. So, you know you are going to get some pretty amazing and unusual pieces that will really stand out from the crowd. Michael Aram pieces are certainly a lot more modern, so if that is the theme you are going for in your place, the make sure you check him out. There is certainly a real personal touch with all his designs and products.

    Monica Abbott
    Monica Abbott
    Monica Abbott has over 20 years of experience in reporting on life style, fashion and celebrity. She is a highly-valued journalist. She is routinely asked for her opinion on a range of issues in the changing global lifestyle-place.

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