Aspects To Take Away From Martha Stewart’s Leadership

    There are a lot of different types of leaders out that that young people, or others who want to be a leader can draw inspiration from. In general, being a leader isn’t really that hard, but if you want to be a good and effective leader, that’s the real challenge. There are so many different people you can look up to for advice and guidance, and one of them is Martha Stewart.

    She is a true leader and entrepreneur that has had a huge amount of success over the years in a number of different business ventures, she is also an icon in the lifestyle industry. As she moved through different phases of her career, she was able to learn upon the failures and improve her success.

    Her first job within lifestyle sort of industry was a small catering business. From there she has published many successful books on how to entertain, then launched her media and merchandizing business, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. This business is all around the world and includes TV shows, magazines, books and other branded products.

    Martha Stewart has seen great success in her life and one of the reasons is that she is an effective leader. There are a number of different aspects you can learn and take away from her leadership and apply to your own person situation. This will hopefully see whatever you are venturing in be more successful.

    So, have a read on below at some of the important aspects to take away from Martha Stewart’s leadership:

    Find Inspiration Anywhere You Go

    You just don’t know when inspiration is going to strike, so make sure you are always prepared for that light bulb moment. Martha Stewart has previously explained that she is always looking for potential new talent. What “talent” means to your individual situation may be different, but when running a business you need good people around you to make the business more successful.

    Don’t Give Up

    A lot of leaders will have this same sort of advice. There is never going to be a smooth and easy ride to leadership or success, you will always face adversity in some shape or form throughout your life. It is how you deal with that adversity that will make you a better person and leader.

    Martha Stewart had to deal with a significant amount of adversity right in the public eye. In 2004 she faced a trial in relation to an insider trading scandal, and she spent some time in federal prison. Throughout this difficult time she was able to come back stronger and better.

    Strike Good Work-Life Balance

    It is very easy to get burnt out at work, while all things other than work may not seem that important, Martha Stewart believes that it is vital to strike a solid balance. Martha Stewarts personal brand is also her business brand so everything she does is for her work. Also, if you love your job, it may not actually feel like work all the time. Everybody is different; so take the time to find out what works for you.

    Never Stop Learning

    This is the advice that a lot of other leaders and entrepreneurs give, and it is very useful and important. That thirst for knowledge is what can help drive you to bigger and better things. There is always something new to learn and try, so never stay still for too long. While one chapter of your life may close, another one tends to open and it brings new opportunities with it, so make sure you grab it with both hands.

    Jeannie Contreras
    Jeannie Contreras
    Jeannie Contreras’s work as a corporate author specializing in business management, has earned her awards for outstanding projects, as well as being named as the best guide to international leadership of the past 10 years. She is a highly regarded consultant in the topic.

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