Dr. Orien Tulp, Founder of the University of Science, Arts and Technology: On the Importance of Networking and Professional Meetings

    As important as cutting-edge information is, there’s more to science than the data and the research. One of the most vital parts of being in the scientific community is the chance to interact with other professionals. Dr. Orien Tulp, the founder of the University of Science, Arts and Technology and USAT Medical School, says it best: “No one can know everything, even about one field of study. By networking, you can get access to information that others have — information that can very easily have a significant impact on your own studies.”

    Participating in professional meetings and networking can help pool resources and spark something brand-new. Here’s what you stand to gain by networking.

    Building Professional Relationships 

    Networking can help you meet others who may be able to provide opportunities for the advancement of your research. It can put you in touch with people who can provide the missing piece to a project and elevate your research. Even if there’s nothing someone can do to help you, it can help you establish a relationship in an industry that can be rather isolating.

    The right professional relationships can not only be beneficial to you — potentially leading to jobs, research opportunities, and more — but also to the greater medical field. It can bring disparate groups of people together to make connections between various disciplines.

    Understanding the Trends in the Various Medical Fields

    Like other professionals, you likely stick to your field. As a result, you may be unaware of changes in neighboring branches of science. Attending professional meetings can give you an inside look into what affects other professionals.

    This could mean learning which kinds of projects are receiving the most grants, what publications are making a splash in the field, and much more. Having this information can help you adjust your focus, depending on your goals.

    Increasing Knowledge of a Subject

    Many networking events and professional meetings have a focus, and listening to experts on that subject gives you invaluable information about the latest ideas. Not only can this give you new perspectives on your research, but it can also allow you to see what challenges other professionals face.

    Building Recognition

    If you strive to be a leader in your field, people need to know who you are. There’s no better forum for this than professional networking. After all, it’s not always enough to publish papers or lead research — people need to put a face to a name.

    Encouraging Inspiration

    As many scientists can attest, a new idea can come from the most casual of encounters. If you are stuck on research, worried about where to get sponsors, or unsure of how to begin a project, seeing what others are working on can be inspirational.

    Use Every Tool at Your Disposal

    As Dr. Orien Tulp explains, networking is another tool you have available for improving your work. By listening to others, gathering information, and putting yourself on the path of inspiration, you can better meet your goals.

    About Dr. Orien Tulp

    Dr. Orien Tulp, founder and President of the University of Science, Arts and Technology (USAT Medical School), is a distinguished professor, author, and researcher in the field of medicine. He has had a long military career and is the recipient of the Legion of Merit award. Dr. Tulp has conducted extensive research on obesity and is a contributor to many academic journals. A dedicated volunteer, he has participated in hundreds of humanitarian medical missions.

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    Jeannie Contreras
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