Most Influential Entrepreneurs of All Time

    Being an entrepreneur is not any easy task, especially if you are looking to become one of the greatest. Whether you are in need of some inspiration, or just curious, there are a couple of truly influential entrepreneurs that really stand out from the crowd and have changed the way the world thinks.

    The entrepreneurs in this list are from a variety of different fields and have left (or still leaving) massive marks in their respective industries. As some of the entrepreneurs on this list are still alive, it will be interesting to watch them closely and see what they do next, as most entrepreneurs tend to leave a mark on a variety of different things.

    If you want to know more information about the most influential entrepreneurs of all time, then have a read on below:

    Bill Gates

    If you are going to have a list about the most influential entrepreneurs of all time, then Bill Gates certainly needs to be on that list! He is the founder of Microsoft, one of the biggest technology companies in the world. He was always smart about his money and was able to make really good investments and had meant that Microsoft was able to expand so well.

    Walt Disney

    There is no doubt that Disney is a massive media player, and a very well known brand. Walt Disney started out as an animator and with Mickey Mouse on his side, the world quickly began to take notice. He was able to lay the great foundations for the company, which has allowed it to continue to be a huge success to this day.

    Henry Ford

    One of the first people to use the power of mass production to ensure that cars were available for all, and not just the wealthy. Henry Ford’s Ford Model T was able to cater to the masses and he revolutionized the way we think about production. Henry Ford worked with a lot of drive and self-belief; he never stopped and always wanted to make the car better and more affordable.

    Steve Jobs

    The co-founder of Apple is certainly worthy of a place on this list of most influential entrepreneurs of all time. Apple was created in a world where Microsoft was so dominate, and it actually gave the company a run for its money. Steve Jobs was creative and produced many life-changing ideas like the Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

    Oprah Winfrey

    Such an iconic person that you would know her just by her first name and she is one of the richest African Americans, with a net worth of around $3 billion. Oprah Winfrey is incredibly influential and has had her fingers in a lot of different pies. She is most recognized for her daytime talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show.

    Sam Walton

    The founder of Walmart, Sam Walton changed the way we shopped and purchased groceries forever. He was able to charge less for products as he build warehouses closer to the stores, which meant he saved on shipping and travel related costs. As the business and stores became more successful, more popped up, in places right around America. Walmart now even has stores right across the world.

    Larry Page

    Another entrepreneur from a tech based company; Larry Page was one of the co-founders of Google. Larry Page currently has a net worth of around $15 billion, and he started Google in a garage all the way back in 1996. He is well educated from Standford and that’s where he met Sergey Brin, one of the other co-founders of Google.

    Victor Brink
    Victor Brink
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