Facts That Prove How Wealthy Mark Zuckerberg Is

    It should come as no surprise to you to see Mark Zuckerberg is pretty well off, he is a constant figure on the world’s richest people list, and has been for many years now. If you didn’t already know, Mark Zuckerberg was one of the founders of Facebook and is currently the CEO.

    Despite Facebook having some privacy issues, among other things, like major advertisers boycotting Facebook and other highly competitive social media platforms popping up, Mark Zuckerberg still remains highly wealthy. While he doesn’t really like material things, he does enjoy beefing up his property portfolio.

    Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is in the billions upon billions of dollars, but there are some really interesting facts that help further prove just how wealthy he really is, have a read on below:

    On The World’s Top 10 Richest People

    His net worth took a hit in 2019 after all the highly publicized Facebook scandals, and it resulted in a number of major social media advertisers pulling their funding from Facebook, including Coca Cola. Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth falling, he is still on the word’s top 10 richest people, currently sitting around the 4th position.

    He Earns What The Average American Would in Their Lifetime in Just 1 ½ Hours

    Mark Zuckerberg’s earnings are so high that the Social Security Administration found that it takes him about 1 ½ hours to earn as much money as an college male American would in their entire lifetime. Even more interestingly, it is well known that Mark Zuckerberg actually didn’t complete his college degree.

    His Salary is Just $1 per Year

    While he was almost making $800K per year, he decided to cut his salary down in 2013 to $1, and that where it has been sitting every year since then. He is able to pay himself only $1 per year because he owns about 17% of the stocks in Facebook. This also makes his net worth highly volatile because when Facebook stocks take a hit, so does his net worth.

    He Earns $1.7 million an hour

    This is truly an astonishing amount of money, that most people wouldn’t even see in their entire lives, but Mark Zuckerberg is able to make it in just 1 hour, according to Business Insider. The good news is that Mark Zuckerberg is spending a lot of his wealth on good causes. He is the co-founder of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which is with his wife and he is known to donate regularly to charities.

    His Net Worth Grows About $9 billion a Year

    To remain a regular figure on the world’s richest people list, you not only need to be extremely wealthy, but also your wealth needs to go up a considerable amount every year, so you don’t lose your spot. After Facebook went public in 2012, Mark Zuckerberg has managed to do just that, with his net worth growing about $9 billion every year.

    More Comparisons To Your Average Joe

    Over the years, businesses like to work out comparisons between some of the richest people alive, compared to your average American. Comparing Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth with that of normal Americans is no exception. One of the more interesting comparisons is that it takes Mark Zuckerberg around 2 minutes to make what it takes a full time worker getting paid a median income would earn in an entire year.

    Another interesting comparison is that if he gave every single person in the world $100, he would still have more than half of his money left. So it is good to hear that he is indeed using his money for good causes, regularly donating to charity.

    Melinda Luce
    Melinda Luce
    Melinda Luce is accredited website author of various business-related sites which have won various awards for finance and market information provisions and support to the industry. She also is a recognized philanthropist, boasting leadership of numerous charities to do with world hunger and poverty.

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