The Ways Google Has Changed The Way We Think

    Google is a very powerful business and over the years it has actually changed the world and how we think. It has ensured that information is made more readily available to consumers. Google is continually working hard to ensure that whatever question a user asks, they can find the right websites and information to answer that question.

    It is no doubt that Google is a dominate player in the search engine market, there are a number of different search engines right around the world, but none have been able to do what Google has. Google has been around for over 20 years now, and it has really never been as powerful as it is today.

    At the end of the day, people always have problems or questions and they turn to the internet, and most likely Google, to help them solve the problem. The internet and Google have ensured that information is a lot more accessible to a lot more people right around the world.

    As consumers, we search for pretty much anything through a search engine these days. We could be looking for news, an image, a video, recipe, a particular person, the list goes on and on. The reason why so many people choose to use Google is they know they are going to get the answer they are looking for. It is a very rare occurrence these days that Google doesn’t deliver what a person is searching for.

    Businesses these days understand the importance and power of being in one of the top positions in Google and they are putting resources into what is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve their chances of a top spot. If you have ever used Google, or a search engine before, you would know first hand how many times you have clicked onto the second page of results, or even a result that is lower than 6.

    Google and the internet have speed up users expectations, and they are getting increasingly impatient and want to get the answer to their question as soon as possible. This has been one of the driving forces of a lot of new features released by Google.

    One of the most important being the featured snippet, which is where a user can get all the information they are looking for on Google’s website, meaning they do not have to click off Google to another website to get the information they are looking for. This certainly works to speed up the process and makes searching on Google even more convenient for users.

    Google is also working in the field of artificial intelligence, to try to better understand what a user is searching for and therefore providing more accurate results. Other products have also been released by Google, like the Google Home, which makes it much easier to search for things, just by using your voice.

    Google is one of the most visited websites in the world had and certainly changed the way we do things and think. The search engine has been dominate for many years now and it is partly due to thinking about what the customer needs before they even realise that it’s something they want, which is something so few businesses can actually do.

    The technology behind what Google does is amazing and they are very likely to continue to shape the way we think and change the world for many years to come. Google is said to be almost as powerful as the internet itself and it is like one massive directory and index page for the internet.

    Derek Ford
    Derek Ford
    Derek Ford is a business-finance journalist who has written pieces on business-finance websites, namely his rating of them for use within corporate society. His works have been penned as extremely helpful by many large name companies, and continues to help and inspire professionals across the industry.

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