A Home with Heart: Franchise Marketing Agency ChoiceLocal Dedicates Habitat for Humanity House to Cleveland Family

    CEO Joe Soltis runs a purpose-driven, faith-based business as the founder of Cleveland marketing agency ChoiceLocal. Since he pairs doing good with every project he takes on, it should be no surprise that his team recently completed a new project with Habitat for Humanity.

    The Hulda Avenue house they built was dedicated to a local family on May 14. The ChoiceLocal team was there to celebrate, take pictures, and enjoy the day with the recipient family, who they had gotten to know over months when they built the house together.

    “The ceremony was on a Saturday morning, and it was a fun and moving time for our team. We got to see all of the hard work pay off, admire the finished home, and celebrate with Bri’s family as we dedicated their new house to them,” said Soltis.

    Projects such as partnering with the international aid organization are natural for Soltis and ChoiceLocal. The CEO believes that you can’t call yourself a true success if you are not giving back and making the world a better place while also making profits.

    Building Something Meaningful

    The team broke ground on the property nine months ago, beginning on the day that the recipients and the ChoiceLocal staff completed a house blessing on the lot and started planning volunteer schedules that would take them through the summer.

    At the dedication event, the team looked back on the building period as a time that brought them closer. The colleagues worked side-by-side, learned new skills, and proved that they could build something meaningful while laughing and sweating together.

    And that was the actual point of the project. It was designed to serve the community while strengthening their own bonds.

    A documentary was made of the entire process which showed from the day of the ground breaking to the day of the house dedication for Bri and he 3 beautiful boys.  This documentary can be watched on the Mission and Culture page of the ChoiceLocal website.

    As Soltis states about the amazing team at ChoiceLocal that made this possible, ““It’s long been a dream of Becky and me to give a home to a family that needs one.  This was one of our dreams when we founded ChoiceLocal and our great company was nothing more than an idea. Today, we are so appreciative of the ChoiceLocal family for creating the economic success of Choicelocal that enabled us to make this dream come true to Bri and her 3 awesome boys, as well as Becky and myself.  Once again our team has proven that out of pain can come great purpose in making lives dramatically better.  It feels to great to live with purpose and see dreams become a reality. The ChoiceLocal family is so amazing!”

    An Ongoing Partnership For Good

    After all, doing good in the community is at the core of what Soltis and the ChoiceLocal team does. His company also sponsors local families at Christmas each year, providing holiday gifts, and cheerful decorations that ensure the families can make excellent memories.

    Since Soltis and his wife lost a child of their own, they are also active in providing bereavement assistance to children who have had a family member pass away. ChoiceLocal also regularly raises money for summer camp scholarships, pays for school meal programs for underprivileged students, and helps families with members suffering from cancer.

    Purpose-driven for Growth

    While it’s easy to see how being purpose-driven plays into ChoiceLocal’s charity work, its tie to business success and profit-making may seem less clear. But not toSoltis. In his mind, being purpose-driven is what drives the exponential growth that ChoiceLocal has enjoyed since opening its doors in 2014.

    Providing the top performing franchise growth engine to franchise systems, through marketing, franchise development, recruiting, web development, and sales enablement, is only half of the company’s mission. The rest is tied up in philanthropy — the company assists 10,000 children each year and funnels approximately 10 percent of profits into charitable contributions.

    Instead of seeing the drive toward making profits and the desire to give back as separate, Soltis sees them as a uniquely intertwined model for exponential growth. “At the end of the day, monetary profits are only so enticing, but doing good for others never loses its motivating factor. People always need your help, and their stories always compel me to carry on doing good, faith-based work,” he said.

    Soltis sees this with his clients too, choosing to take on only customers with similar values as his team. “Integrity in everything we do and a mission built on helping others is what truly drives us forward,” he said.

    A business model where success and good deeds go hand-in-hand is worthwhile and a model that many businesses can learn from.

    About ChoiceLocal

    ChoiceLocal is a purpose-driven and results-focused franchise marketing agency that only serves franchisors and franchisees. They are the 1st and only franchise marketing agency to offer a money-back guarantee. They are a member of IFA (International Franchise Association), named on the Inc. 5000 list, and rated as a Top Workplace for the last five years. To find out more about their franchise growth engine, please visit https://choicelocal.com/

    Jeannie Contreras
    Jeannie Contreras
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