Arsenal NFT Founder Scott Kapun’s Top 5 Steps to Investing in Crypto

    The founder of Arsenal NFT (ANFT), Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun, is a cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain expert and will soon unveil the industry’s first-ever Crypto NFT DeFi ecosystem, one which pays in stablecoins and sees 100% of all community profits go back to its token holders.

    His goal is simple: listen to the community, create a ‘safe place’ for all investors and help guide the ecosystem to generate a passive revenue stream and find success. His ANFT ecosystem will pay in USDC.e on a monthly scale to all holders of the platform’s native token.

    “The more ANFT you hold the more you earn. Not only is ANFT a governance token but it also acts as an IOU that correlates directly with the amount of USDC.e that a holder is owed,” said Kapun. “The Arsenal NFT ecosystem utilizes a bonding system which offers shareholders  ANFT tokens at a premium, via the dAPP in exchange for USDC.e.”

    Kapun founded Arsenal NFT because of some of the noticeably disappointing occurrences in the DeFi space, as well as the unfortunate scamming that has sometimes overshadowed the industry.

    We caught up with Kapun and asked him what he felt were necessary ‘guidelines’ to getting started or continuing when it comes to investing in crypto.

    Top 5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Crypto

    Kapun is certainly familiar with both the ups and downs of investing in crypto. He has seen his digital wallet reach great heights and seen some coins wash under the pressure. Having launched Arsenal NFT, and in soon rolling out the industry’s first ecosystem, it is important to him that everyone benefit from the constantly fluctuating digital coin market. Below are his tips for getting started, but also make for good advice for seasoned investors as well.

    Always Do Your Homework!

    “If you’re trading or thinking about joining a crypto project — do your homework. It’s all about the homework,” said Kapun. “Know who and what you are dealing with. Join the associated Discord channel, if there is one, and ask plenty of questions. This way, you can gauge the legitimacy of the project you are thinking about backing.”

    Never Rush into Anything!

    “Sit back and study for a bit before you ‘APE’ into anything. Never do anything with money on impulse,” he stated. “When trading, it’s good to learn basic patterns that could dictate certain market trends. There are a lot of tools at everyone’s disposal, like the Internet, so use them. Trading view, as well as Altfins, are good platforms to start with.”

    Do NOT Listen to the General Consensus!

    “There are plenty of people out there who ‘shill’ anything they can, or gamble, swindle or hawk crypto,” he said. “Do your own research and arrive at your own conclusions. It’s alright to ask for other people’s opinions, but never let anyone make the choice for you.”

    Always Trust Your Gut!

    “If something feels off, it probably is,” he mused. “As we all know, in crypto, there are certainly plenty of possible perils and pitfalls out there.”

    Become Familiar with Your Assets!

    “Before you make any crypto-related decisions, take time to learn and become familiar with the assets you are planning to deal with and how they work. It is also important to learn about the platforms you are planning on utilizing so you can make informed decisions in regard to potential risks versus rewards,” he said. “Not knowing how something works and fumbling through it all just because you think the reward will be worth it, may be your greatest downfall when you find out you didn’t fully comprehend the mechanics. At that point, it may be too late.”

    About Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun

    Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun is the creator, owner and project lead at Arsenal NFT. He has over eight years experience in network engineering and over a decade in cryptocurrencies. His goal is to change the way Crypto/Defi projects interact with their communities while providing the tools and groundwork for all who participate to earn passive income from the Arsenal NFT Ecosystem. For more information and to get involved with the community, please visit

    Melinda Luce
    Melinda Luce
    Melinda Luce is accredited website author of various business-related sites which have won various awards for finance and market information provisions and support to the industry. She also is a recognized philanthropist, boasting leadership of numerous charities to do with world hunger and poverty.

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