Learn the Importance of Sensory Objects for Children with Busy Box Child

    Los Angeles, California is the home of one of the most exciting up and coming companies, Busy Box Child. For parents, this company has been a game changer for encouraging the entertainment and development of their children. Owned by Carolyn Rahnama, Busy Box Child prioritizes the need for children to enjoy stimulating activities that are also screen-free.

    In an era when technology has become inescapable, it can be extremely difficult to find toys for children that do not include a screen. Busy Box Child is aiming to change this, providing boxes of sensory toys that are highly beneficial for the learning and development of children. With a background in Child Clinical Psychology, Carolyn Rahnama knows exactly how important mental stimulation is for growing kids.

    Carolyn Rahnama
    Carolyn Rahnama, the founder of Busy Box Child

    Healthy brain development can be encouraged through toys such as playdough and other fidget objects. On top of this, it is also an ideal way to keep kids busy and entertained throughout the day. At Busy Box Child, parents can pay for a monthly subscription that provides them with a brand new box full of exciting sensory toys for their child each month. From $36 per month, you will receive a themed sensory box that your child is sure to love.

    Child Clinical Psychologists have long emphasized the necessity of play for children. In today’s day and age, screens have slowly begun to interfere in children’s primary developmental phases. Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, parents have found a need to keep children entertained while they are at home. Screens have become an easy option, especially for busy parents, but they can have negative impacts on a child’s development. With sensory toys from Busy Box Child, children will be thoroughly entertained while also learning fundamental skills.

    Busy Box Child also provides toddler friendly kits that ensure younger children can play while maintaining safety standards. Each box has a theme so you can cater to your child’s specific interests. You can choose from boxes with themes such as dinosaurs, unicorns, space, baking, and much more. You can also choose from a fun range of add-ons if you want to include a little something extra for your young one.

    Busy Box Child has quickly become a treasured business among parents. Thanks to the leadership of Carolyn Rahnama and the knowledge of child psychology that she possesses, the business has helped countless families keep their children entertained, all while fostering fundamental growth and development.

    Learn more about Busy Box Child at: www.busyboxchild.com and follow them on IG @busyboxchild

    Zachary Draeger
    Zachary Draeger
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