Cooking Tips From Julia Child

    If you don’t already know who Julia Child was, she was a famous chef and she wrote a lot of very popular cooking books and had well viewed TV shows as well. She passed away back in 2004, but her legacy will certainly live on forever. If you are looking to beef up your cooking skills, then one of the best people to learn and get tips from is certainly Julia Child.

    Her most popular TV show was called The French Chef; Julia Child also took up cooking later in life, only starting when she was 37 years of age. She still is one of the most recognized faces in cooking, and there was even a movie created about her and her life recently, with Meryl Steep playing Julia Child in the movie. She was known to not only give great tips in relation to cooking, but also for life in general.

    Julia Child

    So, have a read on below at some of the best cooking tips from Julia Child, to help you become a better cook:

    The Proper Way To Sharpen Knifes

    In the kitchen, pretty much everyone will have a set of knifes and over time those knifes will begin to become increasingly blunt. This means that you need to sharpen your knifes every now and again. But do you really know how to sharpen your knifes properly? Julia Child explained in her cooking show The French Chef that you need to sharpen knifes using a circular motion, and not straight up and down.

    How To Make The Perfect Dough

    Making bread is one of the most fun, yet challenging, things do to in the kitchen. There is a lot that can go wrong when making bread and the most important part of it is the dough. A lot of different chefs and people who like to make bread regularly have different techniques with the dough, but if you are following the ways of Julia Child, then she says you need to hit the dough really hard on the surface, to get the gluten to bond together better.

    Cut The Turkey

    People usually tend to have turkey on Thanksgiving and/ or on Christmas. If you have ever been the one to host and prepare the food for the special occasion, then you know just how time consuming it can be to cook the turkey, especially if it is a particularly big one.

    In this situation, what Julia Child recommends is that you cut the turkey into smaller pieces before you pop it into the oven. Yes, you won’t get that typical fully cooked turkey look, but if you are running out of time, this is probably the way to go.

    Omelet Making Technique

    Making an omelet seems so simple, yet in reality it is a little bit more complicated and you can end up making scrambled eggs instead of an omelet. One of the most important things Julia Child says to do when making an omelet is to ensure the pan is super hot. When you pour the whisked eggs in you need to move fast. If you shake the pan around and quickly flip over one half of the omelet, you’ll find it is close to perfection.

    Soak Potatoes

    If you are making some delicious French fries in your home, then Julia Child recommends soaking the potatoes in water for a few hours before you pop them into the fryer. By soaking them you will stop the fries from coming and sticking together, which can make them a lot crispier, and we all know crispier is better!

    Monica Abbott
    Monica Abbott
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