Queens Unite! Monarchy Media CEO Nicole Tabs Launches New Website for Female Entrepreneurs

    It’s no surprise that serial entrepreneur Nicole Tabs named her business development agency Monarchy Media. This multi-talented CEO has become an industry leader in each new field she expands into, having built multiple successful companies at a young age.

    She is the co-founder of the film production company, Serendipity Group Inc, co-founder and CEO of Monarchy Media, and her most recent success story is as a co-founder of a fitness company called Upliffs.

    You might be wondering how she manages it all. After being barraged with similar questions from audiences, followers, and interviewers over the years, she is tackling success and all its facets with her new website, Keeping Tabs.

    On the site, Tabs shares inside tips and a look into her daily life. Site members will be rewarded with regular informative blog posts, exclusive guides, and even have direct access to Tabs, with the ability to ask questions of the businesswoman and her team.

    An additional benefit for members of her latest venture will be the ability to take advantage of coaching programs for women and entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on intimate looks at Tabs’ life and how she juggles running three businesses, personal relationships, self-development, money management, travel and much more.

    The site and its content will be far from a look back on her successes, however. The high-energy powerhouse has new projects in the pipeline and plans to share with her audience exactly how she moves from the daydream phase to reality – all in real-time.

    A Family Monarchy

    Of course, no business woman goes it alone and Tabs has two people solidly in her corner as teachers, co-founders, and inspiration – her mom and dad.

    Her father is also a serial entrepreneur, and it was watching him as a child that taught Tabs much of what she learned about strategy, work ethic, and business ownership. In fact, her father suggested that she call her film company Serendipity Group Inc. since he intimately knew that much of business relies on skills, a keen eye, and resources – but also on that fateful bit of luck and chance that we call ‘serendipity.’

    Tabs’ mother also plays a key role in her business life. She is the co-founder of Serendipity Group Inc. Together,  they manage all aspects of film projects, most of which are designed to  inspire, entertain and capture the imagination of  all audiences.

    Working with Moguls

    Serendipity Group Inc’s latest project has Tabs and Rosanna Grace working with some of Hollywood’s A-List executive producers for the new series about inspiring women of the civil rights movement, which the first two episodes aired on January 6th, 2022, on ABC, and now streaming on Hulu.

    Online Influence

    While Serendipity Group Inc. influences the nation with films,  Monarchy Media influences an online audience. Founded in 2018 with Tabs’ now-husband, Andrea d’Agostini, the undertaking quickly grew from a boutique business that marketed influencers, to a full-fledged marketing and media management company and business development agency.

    In a few short years, the duo went from matchmaking between brands and influencers to managing websites, structuring social media, creating websites, email marketing, staffing, and training for sales teams.

    Then, just over a year ago, Tabs founded Upliffs, a fitness company creating a range that includes workout gear, bags, accessories, small fitness equipment, and more. Their tagline? ‘Your workouts should never be a drag.’

    She recently began sharing her business and branding secrets on a YouTube channel, which had a tremendous response and inspired the idea for her new membership website. She hoped to lend a helping hand and provide knowledge-sharing with those who hope to build their own companies, built on their own unique, personal strengths.

    “You can leverage almost anything when building a brand,” Tabs said.

    With the YouTube channel and website, Tabs allows anyone a view into her success stories and insight into her various industries. She feels like the time is right to share this information, now that she can boast of several successful endeavors.

    “I’m a female entrepreneur who builds seven-figure brands,” said Tabs. “And now, I want to show other women, or anyone who wants to listen, that they can do the same.”

    About Nicole Tabs
    Nicole Tabs is a serial entrepreneur and humanitarian who is the CEO and co-founder of Monarchy, a highly successful business development agency. She is also the co-founder of Serendipity Group, launched their new TV series on ABC. To view Nicole’s website, visit http://nicoletabs.com/.

    Zachary Draeger
    Zachary Draeger
    Zacahary Draeger is an investigative journalist known for his projects on exposing fraud within the higher echelons of society and government. His works have led to investigation and prosecution of numerous high authority figures. He also covers variety of topics related to businesses. His work is highly read across the world.

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