The Best Affordable and Expensive Vacations for Couples in 2022

    If you’re part of a dynamic duo in 2022, we feel for you. All the added stressors can really put a strain on a relationship. Luckily, 2022 is the perfect year to go on a couple’s getaway to de-stress and enjoy each other again.

    We have two recommendations; one is on the luxurious and expensive side, and the other is extremely affordable. However, both are guaranteed to make your couple’s getaway a dream come true!

    Woolacombe Holiday Parks

    Woolacombe Holiday Parks

    Woolacombe is a part of the UK, and it’s home to several of the best holiday parks in the world, and you can get access to all of them for one flat rate.

    We recommend the Woolacombe Holiday Parks for several reasons.

    All-Encompassing Experience:

    Regardless of which park you choose to stay at, you’ll get an entire vacation experience without having to travel anywhere else. Everything you could possibly want is right there in the resort.

    You can go horseback riding, play a game of tennis, go swimming, or just nestle up in your luxurious room with a couple of drinks. There’s no need to go anywhere else or put up with a hassle.


    Paying for two people to visit the Woolacombe Holiday Park of your choice is pretty affordable. Minus the price of traveling there in the first place, you only pay one flat rate for your accommodations, and most packages even include food and drink packages.

    While it can be a bit expensive for a full family, a couple can easily save for a year to afford a truly memorable stay.

    No Hassle:

    There are a lot of requirements to follow nowadays, and the more you travel, the more of a headache it can be. However, the holiday park has one set of rules; there’s no need to learn the regulations of multiple cities or towns, and you get a full vacation experience.

    Cabin Getaway

    Cabin Getaway

    This is one of the most affordable options away from home if you live in the US, and the beautiful state of Colorado has a multitude of options available to you.

    Couple-Friendly Peace and Quiet:

    Maybe you don’t want an excitement-filled vacation. Maybe you just want to get away from the stress of everyday life? A cabin getaway in Colorado is perfect for that.

    By simply renting a mountain lodge or cabin, you can enjoy a brief weekend getaway far from the hustle and bustle of city life, and there’s plenty of privacy for you to bond with your partner and have a good time. Just don’t forget any necessities; it’s a long way back to civilization.


    Renting a cabin is extremely affordable and comparable to the price of a hotel room. However, it’s much more private and enjoyable than a hotel.

    In Colorado, private mountain cabins range between $139 and $400 per night. The more you pay, the more lavish your experience will be. However, it can be a highly affordable vacation option that sets the tone for true relaxation and bonding.

    There are Options in Every Price Range

    If you’re looking to de-stress and bond with your partner there are plenty of options available. These are just our drastically different favorites.

    If you’re looking for ideas for family vacations, vacation tips, or anything else travel-related, check out The Travel Vibes – one of the best travel blogs on the internet!

    Zachary Draeger
    Zachary Draeger
    Zacahary Draeger is an investigative journalist known for his projects on exposing fraud within the higher echelons of society and government. His works have led to investigation and prosecution of numerous high authority figures. He also covers variety of topics related to businesses. His work is highly read across the world.

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