How Stephanie Tran is Defining ‘Edupreneur’ and Inspiring Educators to Seek Entrepreneurship

    Stephanie Tran, Founder and CEO of Tutor Route, is hailed as the ‘Edupreneur’ and is the creator of her 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass: Create and Launch Your Tutoring Business Profitability in 30 Days! Skeptical? The course works because she did it first and now helps others to do it, too. This is her story.

    “My mission is to impact lives and empower teachers to cash in on changing the world,” said Tran. “Teachers are entrepreneurs at heart and run classrooms like they mean business. While teachers are suppliers of knowledge, their salaries don’t typically meet the demands of their lifestyle nor their level of effort and impact. I want to show teachers they can do what they love and give themselves a raise with skill sets they already possess.”

    About the Course

    Most tutors make peanuts, but it isn’t because they are not talented. They are in fact talented educators and fantastic tutors beloved by their students. But they lack the branding and knowledge to structure their tutoring in a way that can make a life-changing profit. Tran’s course teaches educators how to get to that point; how to go from a side hustle to a business — without the sweat and tears that come to mind when we think of second jobs.

    The course includes many base level and advanced skills curated to help aspiring educational business owners create something that will earn them money and last. Students learn how to create an MVB (Minimum Viable Brand), attract and tailor to their markets, consult confidently and close deals, manage business administration work comfortably, produce content like a boss, and more!

    6-Figure Tutor Masterclass includes the course itself, resources, community support, and live mentorship opportunities. Students receive the exact blueprints Tran used to make 6 figures part-time while working a full-time job! They also have access to an accountability buddy, cross-marketing partnerships, internships, and a collaborative working relationship with mentors and alumni.

    Additionally, people who join the masterclass are granted lifetime access to 30 lessons, challenges, and workbooks in her Tutor Route App.

    Why it Works

    Tran’s unique business model teaches her students how to follow her proven framework to create a successful tutoring business. Her model is scalable and profitable virtually, at home, and even across school districts as Tran secured semester deals up to $45,000. She’s even taught other certified educators and licensed counselors how to do it. Josalynn, one of Tran’s masterclass students, coaches students through therapy to support their mental health with her business, Sol Shines On. That’s the beauty of this course: its reach spans much wider than just basic subjects and encompasses any subject experts want to teach.

    The daughter of Vietnamese refugee parents who sacrificed much to get their entire family a secure and comfortable status in the American world, Tran comes from a home that is rightfully risk-averse and pragmatic. On the other hand, Tran sees the land of opportunity for what it really is: a place where a certain level of calculated risk is rewarded.

    Tran obtained her degree from The University of Texas (UT) and stayed quite busy during her enrollment with such feats as winning speaking contests and working as a transcriber. Through her efforts, Tran published an article in an academic journal that is still used in upper-level class curriculum today.

    Additionally, she began tutoring and mentoring students in disadvantaged communities for economical rates. Tran realized she could make money while making a difference if she structured her tutoring sessions accordingly — a skill she teaches in her 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass.

    This toe-dip into tutoring afforded Tran’s master’s degree at John Hopkins University, trips abroad, and the ability to support underprivileged children in her classroom, sometimes offering more than tutoring, including shelter and food.

    Through the pressures of her childhood upbringing (with reasoning she more than respects and understands) she became her own person and worked very hard to get where she is today. The amount of work she put in on the front end is astounding, and her masterclass students reap the benefits for a fraction of the hours Tran put in.

    “We’re adamant about respecting elders in our culture. While I do appreciate my parents’ wisdom, we debated over priorities because we grew up in different worlds. I value my dream; they value security,” said Tran. “My parents fled the Viet Nam War and sacrificed their passions for stable jobs so that I could even have the luxury of chasing my dream. I feel like I owe it to my parents to take the opportunity and give the American Dream my best shot.”

    That she did — and hit her target with a bullseye.

    About Stephanie Tran

    Stephanie Tran, Edupreneur, Founder, and CEO, mentors educators to become successful Tutorpreneurs with her masterclass by creating, launching, and growing their education businesses. Tutor Route’s goal is to support lifelong learners every step of their journey. For more information about Tran’s 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass, please visit or download the Tutor Route App on Apple or Android

    Victor Brink
    Victor Brink
    Victor Brink is a reporter-journalist specializing in entrepreneurship and financial crime, and his work has helped to investigate and prosecute numerous white collar criminals.

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