Everything you need to know about Linda S Tran

    Linda S Tran is a real estate agent from Keller Williams Realty Southwest. She is a highly regarded in the Las Vegas region. Linda first started working in real estate back in 2004, so you can rest assured that she has plenty of experience in the industry.

    What is Linda’s full name?

    Her full name is Linda S Tran. She doesn’t have any nicknames.

    When Linda S Tran was born?

    Linda S Tran was born in November 7, in Wichita. Wichita is the largest city in the U.S. state of Kansas.

    What is her height and weight?

    She is 5’4. Her weight is not known. She usually go on how she feels and fuel her body with lots of water, clean, nutritious and healthy food. It’s a lifestyle she has adapted over the years.

    Where is Linda S Tran living now?

    She currently lives and resides in Las Vegas, NV

    Linda S Tran’s Early Career

    She started her own spa franchise called Zen Massage 4 years ago which her partner challenged her to do and after contemplating she decided to go all in and go for it!  She started researching massage franchises and after looking at an extensive amount of franchises she found Zen Massage.  She was driving and happen to find a strip mall and found a vacant spot the location was perfect!  Renovated and did the build out which took almost a year. It was one of the toughest projects she had ever done.  There was a lot of growing pains. The first year was definitely the toughest as no one knows who you are plus keeping the spa busy was very challenging. Every weekend she and her team of massage therapist and estheticians would go out and offer free chair massages to existing businesses to get our name out there, eventually business started to pickup and get more and more consistent and clients started to come regularly as well as rebook their next services. Her partner and she had made a deal that once the spa was up and running she gets to go back into what she truly is passionate about and that was real estate. So, fast forward 4 years later that came to fruition and now here she is building her own brand and identity at Keller Williams Realty Southwest Las Vegas.

    Where Linda S Tran is working now?

    She is currently with Keller Williams Realty Southwest Las Vegas.

    What are Linda S Tran achievements?

    Her biggest achievement, award and success story would be is being a mom to Gigi. That takes precedent over everything she has ever achieved.  There isn’t a manual on how to be a parent and it’s something you learn through trial and error and being a mom has given her so much joy, love and fulfillment in knowing that she is responsible for this little soul to help lead, guide and nurture her to be a loving, caring, strong independent soul as her daughter grows up. She enjoys every second of every waking minute and night with her. Yes, the daughter still sleeps with her and still has a binky when she sleeps. Which is totally okay with Linda S Tran : )

    What are Linda S Tran hobbies?

    She loves to cook, entertain, hike, travel, spend quality time with her daughter, partner, family and friends and of course every now and then snuggle on the couch with her daughter Gigi and her partner make popcorn and watch a movie on Netflix together.

    Linda S Tran close Family

    She has an enormous family, she is 1 of 11 kids and Yes they all live in Las Vegas! Holidays and get togethers are always so much fun!  They usually take a family trip somewhere every year, this year they were all suppose to go to Cabo San Lucus, Mexico but plans changed due to COVID and now it’s gonna be Destin, Florida. She also has a vibrant, full of life and very animated 3 year old daughter Gigi, who is the light of her world.  They do lots of cooking, yoga, bounce houses which she calls baby crossfit together and do her best to keep her in a lot of activities which she picked all by herself like gymnastics, ballet, tap, dance and piano lessons. Her partner and she has been together for 7 years and the partner is absolutely her ROCK and SUPPORT!  She is so grateful for him as he continuously tries to challenge her to do better everyday!

    How you can contact Linda S Tran?

    Her cellphone: 702.488.4706

    Facebook Linda-Sells-Vegas-Homes

    Instagram: lindasellsvegashomes

    Website: lindasellsvegashomes.kw.com

    LinkedIn: lindasellsvegashomes

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