The Art Factory Studios Crafts Unforgettable Creative and Wedding Masterpieces in a Historic Canvas

    From Steven Spielberg to Bustling Brides and Creatives, Paterson NJ’s, The Art Factory Studios offers a Canvass to All

    Unleash the magic of your special day at Art Factory Studios, where creativity knows no bounds. This 5 acre, 180-year-old, historic factory loft campus just 12 miles from NYC is a hand-crafted venue that transcends the ordinary, empowering couples to curate bespoke weddings with a dedicated creative team. Amidst a sea of uniform celebrations, Art Factory Studios shines as the beacon of authenticity and boundless imagination.

    Unveiling the Unbelievable: 24 Hours of Unmatched Splendor
    Donata and David Garsia, the owners of the Art Factory, have created a space that allows brides to step into a world where their wedding venue is theirs for a full day, with no hidden costs or time constraints. Art Factory Studios redefines affordability and access, not only in New Jersey but globally, offering an all-inclusive experience that exceeds expectations.

    Innovation Defined in Creative Events and Weddings
    Embedded in a love of art and artistry, Donata and David created this groundbreaking concept of using space as art and art as space, the Art Factory aims to invoke creativity, autonomy and a communal environment. This is precisely the reason why Steven Spielberg, chose the Art Factory as a space for his reboot of the cinematic film, West Side Story. “A true cinematic tapestry” has been used to describe the Art Factory Studios as a living testament to history, with raw, unpolished corners that exude the charm of a bygone era. Customers become “members” of the Art Factory family and Donata and David encourage their members to embrace the allure of a cinematic backdrop as they weave their narratives within the storied walls, celebrating the beauty of a time-honored legacy.

    Employing dozens from all over the State of New Jersey, The Art Factory Studios is centered in community elevation and development. Incubating dozens of small businesses and creating a space to sustain, support and grow entrepreneurs is at the core of what powers the Art Factory to ensure remarkable events and weddings.

    The Art Factory Of Paterson New Jersey is a Success and Open for Business!
    The verdict is in from all over about the impact and beauty of Art Factory Studios from community members, Iconic Hollywood Directors, entertainers and Brides:

    October 18th , 2023 “Amazing experience from start to finish. Was greeted by Dave the second we stepped foot in the Art factory at 8:30am who helped us bring EVERYTHING to our room to get ready. Our rooms were fully decorated and set up with Donatas help by literally 10am. Everything was taken care of for us to enjoy our day.” – Kelsey Debrock

    November 5th, 2023 “The Art Factory is without a doubt an elite establishment. Your selflessness and dedication to our city make you a true rockstar, Dave. And let’s not forget your lovely wife, who also plays a significant role in your contributions. Thank you again for everything you do for our city – you both are truly appreciated and loved by all of us.” – Riff Best

    November 6th , 2023 “Hi Dave, thank you to you, Donata, Sharonda, and your team for an absolutely amazing wedding! Brandon and I had such a great day, all thanks to you and your team making the event beautiful and seamless for us. And our guests absolutely loved the space and flow of the evening! We’re so grateful to you all!” – Katie Bonner & Brandon Christophe.

    Join us at Art Factory Studios, where we transform dreams into timeless masterpieces, and where your extraordinary love story finds its perfect stage.

    Register for a tour and Expo HERE

    Monica Abbott
    Monica Abbott
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