From a CEO’s perspective: Victoria Kennedy on How To Attract Top Talent to Your Business

    Victoria Kennedy, Founder and CEO of Victorious PR, has achieved major success since the company’s inception. One of the key factors to her firm’s astounding growth and notoriety is her approach to company culture and values.

    Victorious PR was named one of the top PR firms in Las Vegas by, and Kennedy has herself to thank for that. By taking care to hand-select each of her employees, Kennedy has created a family of talent that works together in perfect harmony for the biggest results.

    “We base our hiring decisions on our company values,” said Kennedy. “It is important to us that we find the perfect fit for our team culture with each new hire. If a person has the right resume but won’t mesh well with our current team, neither party will be happy. We seek individuals who are willing to learn, to reinvent, and to grow into new roles – people who are comfortable with being a little uncomfortable in order to discover their best selves.”

    Kennedy’s Talent Wishlist for 2022

    Victorious PR is searching for public relations specialists and brand representatives with a passion for communication and excellence. These representatives, which are chosen based on how their personalities and skills will pair with a client, handle a client’s brand story, organic pitching efforts, podcast placements, and more.

    Newly-hired employees at Victorious PR report high levels of organization and structure, opportunities for growth, numerous networking channels, a strong sense of camaraderie, and a general spirit of enjoyment within the team.

    “Our employees are not afraid to be proud of their accomplishments and talent,” said Kennedy. “My team is stellar, and I can’t wait to add more bright faces to our family. We are a bit of a nerd squad, and by that I mean we are not too shy to be enthusiastic about the work that we do. Every single person on this team has a skill set that adds value to Victorious PR, and I pride myself on making sure that everyone’s responsibilities are clear so that each person can shine.”

    What the CEO Has to Say About Hiring for Your Enterprise

    Kennedy recommends starting with yourself as a baseline. Find out what makes you tick and what is important to you to learn what you require in a new employee.

    “Nail down your core ethics first,” said Kennedy. “A new business starts with its founders as a template for who will join down the line. What are you about? What do you stand for? Answer these questions before looking for talent and you will be prepared with the right lens through which to search.”

    She goes on to stress that an employee-employer relationship is a two-way street. If an employee is unhappy with their environment, their attitude can wreak havoc on their workflow as well as the team’s.

    “Don’t be afraid to ask the tricky questions to prospective hires,” said Kennedy. “I often throw curveballs into my interviews as well as some lifestyle-related questions. I like to see where my future employee’s head is, to gauge whether they will be happy working here. It’s not all about what I think of them, I need to know what they will end up thinking of me!”

    According to Kennedy, the hiring process goes a step past signing the offer letter.

    “My final piece of advice is to continue to ask questions and be observant of your team, well after their hiring date,” Kennedy said. “People change and grow, while others stay stagnant. If your team is excelling but one or two are falling short, you need to find out why that is. Be their champion, provide them with that support that allows them to do their best work moving forward.”

    We can’t wait to see what Victoria Kennedy and her team do next with such growth and opportunity on the horizon. Those interested in applying to join this team of excellence should visit the Victorious PR Linkedin page to apply.

    About Victorious PR

    Victorious PR, an award-winning full-service PR agency, helps impactful leaders and businesses be seen and heard to have a greater influence on the world. CEO Victoria Kennedy is a TEDx speaker and well-respected authority in public relations. To book a call and learn how the company can help you make an impact, visit

    Derek Ford
    Derek Ford
    Derek Ford is a business-finance journalist who has written pieces on business-finance websites, namely his rating of them for use within corporate society. His works have been penned as extremely helpful by many large name companies, and continues to help and inspire professionals across the industry.

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